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Sabadilla Animal Clinic & Laser Centre Offers Diagnostics for Pet Health

Today's diagnostic technologies allow veterinarians to make an accurate diagnosis of an illness or injury in shorter amounts of time, so your pet can begin treatment immediately. These tools help veterinarians provide optimum care, with better outcomes for their patients. At Sabadilla Animal Clinic & Laser Centre in Calgary, AB, we offer a range of diagnostic services to help us provide the best care for your pet.



Veterinarians have used x-rays for many decades to diagnose injuries and disorders of the hard structures inside animals’ bodies, such as the bones, joints, and spine. These radiographic images allow vets to determine appropriate treatments without having to do investigative surgery.


Ultrasound Tests

As x-rays produce an image of the hard structures of the body, sound waves can be used to produce image of the soft tissues in an animal’s body. These images help veterinarians find abnormalities in the muscles, tendons, and internal organs that may require treatment.



An endoscope uses a tiny camera at the end of a long tube, to “see” inside the body. The tube is inserted into an area that has a suspected problem. The camera provides a real-time view of tissues in great detail. In this way, our Calgary veterinarian is able to diagnose a problem using a tiny incision, instead of a large one needed for exploratory surgery.


Laboratory Testing

Veterinarians use a wide range of laboratory tests to diagnose health problems in pets and to maintain their health throughout life. Your vet may use them as part of regular pet exams. Urinalysis is one of the standard diagnostic tests that allow vets to detect infections of the urinary tract and to diagnose diabetes. Fecal tests find intestinal parasites that can make pets very ill. Blood tests detect a number of chemicals in the body that are related to how well internal organs are functioning. Cytology tests look at tissue under a microscope to find diseases like cancer and to understand the severity of a problem. These tests provide critical information for diagnosing illnesses and providing treatment.


Make Sabadilla Animal Clinic & Laser Centre Your Veterinarian in Calgary

Dr. Gira and the team at Sabadilla Animal Clinic & Laser Centre believe in providing the highest quality care for patients in Calgary, Bridlewood, and other neighboring communities. Our animal hospital offers many veterinary services, including pet wellness exams, vaccinations, dental care, parasite prevention, laser surgery, and laser therapy. Call Sabadilla Animal Clinic & Laser Centre today at 403-237-7387 for an appointment to learn about the diagnostics that can help to keep your pet thriving.