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Pet Dental Care

Keeping your pet's teeth and gums healthy is a great way to improve overall health.  Pet dental cleanings should be performed regularly to help stay ahead of any potential problems or diseases.  Finding a good veterinarian, like Sabadilla Animal Clinic, to perform a pet dental cleaning will lead to a lifetime of happiness and health for your pet.  Below, let's examine pet dental care in more depth.


Why Is Pet Dental Care Important?


Pets rely on their teeth for vital functions.  Not only are teeth required to eat, but for pets teeth act as hands to hold items, and are required to vocalize.  Having a healthy mouth is pivotal to overall good health in your animal.  Problems in the mouth can sometimes indicate a larger health concern.  Many diseases, such as heart and liver disease, can first show signs and symptoms in the mouth.  Further, broken and diseased teeth can quickly spread to otherwise healthy teeth.  Open wounds and abscesses are a perfect site for dangerous bacteria to enter your pet's blood stream.  By keeping your pet's teeth and mouth clean and healthy, you can prevent the spread of dangerous diseases to your pet.


What Goes into a Teeth Cleaning?


During a dental cleaning, pets are put under light anesthesia. This is to protect both your pet and the veterinarian.  Your vet will be able to thoroughly examine in and around your pet's teeth and gums.  Built up tarter and plaque are removed, which can reduce the impact of gingivitis.  If a broken or diseased tooth is detected, a tooth extraction may be necessary.  Your vet may also address any abscesses or wounds within the mouth during the cleaning.  Following the exam, an antibiotic may be prescribed to help fight off any present infections.


How Can a Veterinarian Help?


Your veterinarian will be able to determine when it is time to perform a dental cleaning on your pet.  Following the cleaning, your vet can help make suggestions to keep your pet's teeth clean between dental visits.  For dogs, there are several textured chew toys and treats available.  As the dog eats or chews the toy, tiny textured bumps work to clean in and around your dog's teeth and gums.  For cats, additives can be safely added to food and water to help break up debris that can lead to gingivitis.  

At Sabadilla Animal Clinic and Laser Centre, we are passionate about caring for your pet.  We are a professional, knowledgeable, and caring veterinarian team that wants your pet to be happy and healthy.  To learn more about our services, or to schedule a pet dental exam for your cat or dog, call us today at  (403) 237-PETS (7387).  We are always accepting new patients at our animal hospital.