Sabadilla Animal Clinic & Laser Centre

Unit 511, 2335 162 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2Y 4S6


Why Laser Surgery?

Your pet's health is as important to us as it is to you. In many procedures, the laser can replace the scalpel and provide an alternative to traditional surgery. Our veterinarians always strive to provide the absolute best for our furry friends - laser surgery opens yet another door through which we can do so. It is well known that CO2 Surgical Laser is a high tech piece of equipment; less is known however, how the use of laser will improve your pet's comfort.


  • Seals Nerve Endings!
    Laser cuts through tissue by utilizing a beam of light. This beam instantly seals the nerve endings. Thus the body registers very little pain, meaning your pet's recovery is much less traumatic.
  • Seals Blood Vessels!
    Because a laser cuts and cauterizes simultaneously, most blood vessels are sealed instantly. This reduces the surgery time, which lowers the amount of anesthesia used and increases the safety of your pet's surgery. Lasers are so precise that sometimes surgery can be conducted with the use of a local pain block with light sedation, therefore eliminating the use of general anesthesia completely.
  • Seals Lymphatic Vessels!
    Swelling is a constant post-surgical worry. As lasers seal the lymph vessels, which cause most swelling, there is a welcomed reduction of swelling at the incision site.


Laser surgery equipment