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Surgical procedures

Laser Spay and Neuter

Pets have become an important part of our families, and just like any other member of the family we often worry when the time comes for a BIG SURGERY. Veterinary medicine offers different options to make this experience less painful and more comfortable. Laser spay and neuter at Sabadilla Animal Clinic greatly increases the comfort of your pet during and after the surgery.

Over the years Dr. Gira has worked tirelessly to make sure that this procedure was not a "routine surgery", but rather reflected the uniqueness of each individual pet. His multi-modal approach to improve your pet's comfort now includes the use of laser surgery, local blocks, IV fluids, pain medications and a therapy laser.

Introducing Laser Pain Therapy after surgery was a big step forward for Sabadilla Animal Clinic. It speeds up tissue healing and regeneration and further increases the comfort of your pet. This unique treatment is a complimentary part of every laser spay/neuter surgery.

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FAQ about Laser Spay and Neuters


How does a laser spay or neuter at Sabadilla Animal Clinic differ from traditional scalpel surgery?

A Surgical laser eliminates bleeding, and greatly reduces swelling and pain after the surgery. A Therapy Laser will help increase comfort level of your pet and tissue regeneration after the surgery. Dr. Gira takes into consideration the uniqueness of your pet. Knowing your pet allows him to adjust the level of sedation, surgical and therapy laser settings and amount of pain medications he uses.


How long will it take for my pet to recover?

Our experience is that most pets do not need more then 24-48 hours to return to recover. In general, neuters, due to a different level of anatomic involvement, and the fact that Dr. Gira performs a scrotal cosmetic incision, take even less time to bounce back.


Would you still do a surgery, if I have not been to a vet for some time?

We understand the unpredictability of life and always welcome new clients or surgical referrals. Clinic policy however, requires a full preanesthetic exam (which is a part of any surgery) for all referrals and new clients. A detailed surgical report will be faxed to your veterinarian at your request.


Will I have difficulties scheduling a surgery?

No. We work around your schedule as much as possible. The clinic has expanded its hours to morning and late evening drop-offs. Feel free to contact us today with any questions you have about laser spay/neuter procedures.

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