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Preventative Care & Wellness

Scheduled wellness appointments and preventative care is the best way to help ensure your pet stays well and avoids suffering from illness and disease. If you have a new pet, or a pet you already own needs wellness or preventative care, visit the professional and friendly staff at Sabadilla Animal Clinic & Laser Centre located in SW Calgary, serving the residents of Bridlewood.


Preventative Care and Wellness

Keep your beloved pet happy and healthy with quality preventative care. Schedule an exam with a highly trained veterinarian and skilled vet techs to get a good overall picture of your pet’s health. These exams can detect current or potential health issues and allow you to take measures to remedy current or possible problems.


Parasite Control

Pets can have a wide variety of parasites ranging from worms to fleas. Help keep your pet feeling their best by keeping them up to date with vaccinations, medication, and topical treatments designed to help eliminate and prevent parasites. If left untreated, parasites can make pets gravely ill and can even be fatal. Stop by for your pet’s examinations and to purchase high-quality vet recommended parasite control products.


Dental Care

Healthy teeth and gums are important to the overall health of your pet. Make an appointment to have your pet’s teeth x-rayed and visually inspected to help detect abscesses and decay that can make chewing and even playing painful and difficult for your pet. If surgery is needed, our vet will offer a consultation regarding the necessary procedures and will then make an appointment to have the surgery performed on site at our full service animal hospital.


Yearly Check-ups

Regular pet exams are important, which is why your pet should be seen yearly for a wellness check-up. During this procedure, our vet will visually inspect your pet and look for any problems, as well as conduct some simple tests to detect potential internal issues. This is an excellent time to administer yearly vaccinations and other treatments. Keeping up to date with wellness exams is recommended to help ensure a long, healthy life for your pet.

Sabadilla Animal Clinic & Laser Centre is a full-service pet clinic that can handle most issues, whether it’s for routine wellness or serious issues requiring additional treatments. Call or stop by our clinic to speak with a representative or to schedule an appointment. Our caring, professional staff looks forward to providing top-quality services for your pet and creating a connection with their pet parents.